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Sep 25, 2012

What We Need To Reduce Scams Is Better Regulatory Bodies

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The main reason behind all the corruption and the scams is that, those people, who are committing these sorts of, financial crimes. They believe that, they are beyond the rules, and nothing will happen to them. The confidence that, nothing serious will happen no matter how much public money you eat, is what encouraging people towards these kinds of activities is. There is absolutely, no fear, about, any corrective action.

There should be separate regulatory bodies established to take care of these things, and the rules and regulations should be entirely different, and very strict. These regulations and rules should be framed kept in mind the majority of those people, who are committing these sort of financial crime. The rules should be framed in such a way that, there is no scope for any of the culprits, to continue in their field, or profession any more.

Whatever money they have earned through such corrupt means, should be entirely recovered, and used for the benefit of the public. Not only the main culprits rules should be re-framed in such a way, that any person involved in the scam however small he may be in the hierarchy, should also be severely punished. Only in such a case will, people start, non cooperating, with these kind of corrupt people.

No, person can do scams, if people from the lowest to the highest level don’t cooperate with them. So if separate regulatory bodies are established, and care is taken to frame strict and severe action to be taken against each and every person involved. Right from the lowest in the rank to the highest. And if care is taken that such people don’t continue, in the profession any more. Definitely, there will be no scams at all.


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