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Oct 22, 2012

Advertising is all Glitter and Little Truth

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Companies invest lot of money in the advertising, they want their products to reach the people and want them to be remembered by the people.

The main idea behind advertising is to convey the features of the product, and its uses. We cannot deny the fact that, there are people and there are companies who use advertising as a medium to cheat people and to sell their products. But how long people will believe the advertisement.

Until people choose the particular product. Advertising helps to make the people purchase the product for the first time, but not every time.

The second time people think of buying a product, it will only be the quality of the product that will make them come back to you. So, all companies are not alike and not all people are alike.

So, keeping in mind those few people who cheat and use advertising as a medium, to convey wrong information to the people about a product.

It is not right to say that all people are so, and all advertisements convey false messages, you may find one or two that are so, but to say that every advertisement is so, will be wrong.
When companies or people go for advertising a particular product. Their reputation and companies reputation is at stake.

If after spending so much of money for advertising, no one would want, their company to earn bad name.

Definitely not a company that is looking for a long term business. So, some times may be you can find those kinds of advertisements that are aimed at generating temporary benefits, but this is not definitely the route, that will be chosen by people or companies.

That plan to do a long term business and want to have good reputation in the market, advertising will help to reach the customers..


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