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Oct 21, 2012

Alcohol should be Banned?

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In many states, of our country, there is huge revenue generated to the Government by alcohol. Every year the Government is issuing permission and licenses to more number of people, to set up shops and to sell alcohol. How far this is good? Is getting revenue the only concern of the Government or are they are also bothered about the welfare of the people. Today we find even in remote areas where the people in the villages have no water to drink, but alcohol shop will be there. How far this is reasonable.

It will not be wrong to say that in the corner of every street we will find an alcohol shop just like any other shops. Government should think of the welfare of the people, but not to generate revenue on the degradation of the people. There are many number of families that are suffering and are on the roads because of this habit. There are many uneducated people and people working as daily labour, who are getting addicted, and are neglecting their families, because of this habit.

There are many numbers of women who are leading life of misery, just because the husband is alcoholic and is not concerned about the welfare of the family. This problem is not just limited to the lower classes, every day we hear so many cases where the persons are doing accidents by driving after taking alcohol. We hear cases everyday where people commit crimes after consuming alcohol as they have no control over themselves. Even the youth are getting spoiled by this habit; there was a time, when people who took alcohol were looked down in the society. But now it has become a fashion statement.

Those people who do not consume alcohol are considered as specimens. I really wonder where the society is going. The main priority of the Government is to look after the welfare of the people, and to implement and do those things that are good to them. But it is not at all fair to generate revenue, by ruining the life of the people and degrading them. Government should look for sources of alternative income, and stop any such things that are not good for the public.


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