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Oct 5, 2012

Business: Using World Class Language

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The words that we use, in our daily life, determine our relationship with others. If it is so in the normal world, think of the business world and the relationships you have in the business world, you interact, with clients, peers, people working for you, day in and out we have to keep conversing and maintain relationship, a positive relationship with every one, to get the results we want.

So, it is very important, that we pay attention to the language we use, and the words we use, in our conversations, in the business world. Each and every word we use, when talking to a client, or a subordinate, does matter and has its effect on the business. So, we should be always watchful as to what sort of words we are phrasing, and using in our interactions with people. It is always recommended and advisable that we use world class language in the business field.

What does world class language mean? If you call a stumbling block a “problem” or “a big mess” you will create a different emotional state, and if you call the issue, as “an opportunity” or “a challenge” that will only make the situation feel better and you as well as others will be at ease, and fell that they should face the challenge and overcome it, it has a entirely positive effect. A small change in the word conveying the same thing, but has entirely a positive effect on the people.

One of the main traits of greatness, in the vast majority of business people, who are number ones in the field and are exemplary, are that, they understand the power of the word. They use world-class language, not only do they refrain from using profanities, but they use the language of passion, leadership, possibility and the language of love.

So, if you are aiming at making it to the top. Just check out your language, and practice using world class language.


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