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Oct 6, 2012

Commercialization of Health Care: Good or Bad?

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In a country like India, till date, there are remote places, where medical facilities are not available, even the minimum. There are many more villages, which are in need of a doctor and a clinic to attend to the minimum health problems. Till date there are many people who are struggling to earn money just to fill their stomach. In such circumstances, commercialization of health care is definitely not a welcome change.

Those who can afford can always afford going to private hospitals for treatment. But what about those millions of people, who are struggling every day just to earn for the food. What if, they have some illness? In India more than half of the populations are middle class and lower middle class. What they earn is just sufficient to meet their minimum needs. What happens to their life, if they encounter some health problems?

If we look at it this way, the commercialization of the health care is not at all a welcome aspect. Especially for a country like India. But as in other cases, there is other side of this coin also. The government always, will not be in a position to provide all the latest equipment and treatment facilities to the public. Especially in all the remote areas. So, if they allow commercialization of the health care for some critical illnesses, where the private people will provide facilities and treatment, and charge a sum for that, as per the necessity and the cost of the treatment.

Then in this case, commercialization is good because people can access better treatment and latest medical procedures, which Govt. cannot provide. But even in this case, even though the latest treatment methods, best Doctors, are made available to the public. What is the use, if they cannot pay for it or if it is beyond their reach? So, in any case, commercialization of the health care is not a welcome change.


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