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Oct 4, 2012

Cricket: Only Sport in India

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One Match on the television, the streets are empty, and there is only one question everywhere, what is the score? No office and no home is an exception for this. Good that we love our country so much, and cricket team more than that. No other sport in India has so much craze, but for cricket. Add makers are after cricketers, film makers are after cricketers and even bolly wood is after cricketers.

We find gully cricket in every galli, but rest of the sports no one even talks about them. No wonder we get few medals in Olympics or no medals at all. There are many people right from tribals to urbanites who are showing great talent in other sports. But no one even knows them or is bothered to encourage them. Under these circumstances how do we expect our country to win medals in Olympics?

There is a too much of obsession with the cricketing sport in India. No wonder no citizen even knows about any other sport or players names even. There is no encouragement from the people or from the organizations to sponsor. The Govt. always states that they are equally encouraging other sports and sports persons. But the results we see in front of our eyes. It is not the sole responsibility of the Govt. alone. We as parents should encourage our children to learn sports other than cricket also.

An interest should be cultivated in the minds of the people, so that they enjoy other sports as they enjoy cricket. Only then other sports and persons learning those sports will develope. Remove the aspect of money, from the cricket, and see how many people will encourage their children to be cricketers. Money is the key factor that is driving people to be after the game of cricket. Sport should be treated sportively, only them all sports will flourish, otherwise it will just be another form of business.


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