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Oct 31, 2012

Development and Environmental Concerns

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In the recent times, we are facing severe environmental threats, and there is little now that can be done to rectify the damage that has become life threatening. Recent surveys and studies show that so many kinds of plat and bird species are come to the point of extinction. And on the other side, satellite studies state that the ice in the continents and on the mountains is getting converted into water at a rapid pace, resulting in the overall increase in the water levels of the sea. And on the opposite side, there is a threat of severe cold, recent studies show that the countries that used to sweat, are now experiencing severe cold that too at below minus levels because of environmental changes.

The reason for all this is that when we plan for development, we are just concerned about development at any cost. At that time we don’t pay attention to environmental issues. And when everything is over we start looking for the cause of the problem, when we can hardly do anything about the damage that has happened. Development is very important, in all areas and all over the world. But environmental concerns are even more important they are our life source either directly or indirectly.

When any country or nation is looking and planning for development, environmental issues should be taken into concern every time and in every issue. We should be able to predict the effects of the decisions and actions that we have taken on the environment. When giving permission to do anything in any matter, Govt. should look into the environmental issues and then give permission. Let it be the issue of the Real estate or Industries, They should see that no threat to environment is caused because of these developments. Environmental issues and utilization of natural resources, all should be studied well and then only should permission be given for implementation. May be at least then we can preserve the environment as it is now at least.


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