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Oct 18, 2012

Division: Only Solution for Development

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Now a days we are hearing lot of this stuff, political parties demanding division of states and people in some parts of the country demanding division of states. How far this is reasonable? And is it the only solution let with us for the development of the states and the country in total?

Dividing states is not a small issue, if we divide a state again then again, we need new capital, new political system, that runs the state, right from the scratch, everything has to be organized, and it involves lot of time money and man power. Instead of doing all this, will it not be enough if we find out the areas where the particular state is backward, in what matters, and we can divert this man power and money into that the problems will be solved and the state will develop.

Development of the states and country as a whole should be important but not division, if the system is working properly in a corrupt free way development is possible. Because the political system is meant for that only. People think that, if states are divided, politicians can concentrate on problems and rectify them as the area would be limited. But right from villages to cities, Districts, States, and country level.

We have government authorities and political parties working for the welfare of the people. What are all these people doing, and of what use is the system if development cannot be achieved this way. If right from villages to the, MLA’s every one works sincerely and corrupt free, there is no need for division, of states for development. Sincere people devoted for the development of the people and transparent system is needed for the development of a state or a region. But not division.


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