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Oct 10, 2012

Do Gadgets Support Economy?

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When compared to previous years, there has been a lot of increase in the, peoples way of living and thinking. Unlike in the previous times, people are showing a lot of interest in the purchase of gadgets. In fact, gadgets have become a part and parcels of people’s professional and personal life. And, to state the fact, people got habituated to using gadgets in such a way, that they can hardly imagine life without these.

Today’s fast moving life one can hardly imagine life without these gadgets. It is no more a luxury item, gadgets are a part and parcel of life and have become need to exist in the current working conditions, and to cope up with the fast pace of life. The work environment has changes its face over time, and gadgets have taken a priority in the work place, as these things make the life and work of the people and easier to cope with.

If we look at things this way, then to meet these increasing needs, there will be a lot of increase in the production of gadgets, and so there will lot of employment for people directly and indirectly. For the production people are needed and to provide after sales services also people are required. So, there will be lot of people who get employed because of these gadgets.

Not only this, Govt. also gets revenue in the form of tax and licenses. So, definitely gadgets support the economy, directly and indirectly in a huge manner. And therefore indirectly also contribute to the development of the people, improve their life’s. They not only keep people technologically advanced, but also help lot many people indirectly. So, gadgets help the economic growth as well as, growth for the individuals and nation as a whole.

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  1. Gadget is the part of economy and it will definetly support your country through these gadget people can get jobs and give survices to latest gadgetssold these gadgets. I am also doing a job in gadget department.