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Oct 4, 2012

Economic Reforms: Where is the Need?

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In the last couple of months, Govt. has taken decisions that have affected the common man in a very bad way. Govt. stating that, the money does not grow on trees, is quite astonishing. It is a fact that money does not grow on trees, and it is also a burden on the Govt. to give subsidies, in the current economic situation. But, instead of looking for the sources from where the money can be brought and looking for the faults of the Govt. Such as assigning the gas resources to the private people without first thinking of the people’s necessities and requirements. Is quiet shocking?

Whenever and where ever (in any state of the country) the natural resources are found such as, oil gas and petroleum. It is the first responsibility of the government to think of the needs of the people, especially the middle and the lower classes, and then after they have reserved the necessary resources for the needs of the people, if they have excess, they can assign to the private people. Instead of doing this, decreasing the subsidies, and increasing the prices, is not a reasonable solution, and apart from this commenting that money does not grow on tree, or where does the money will come to Govt. These are not at all reasonable comments.

The other main thing is, instead of putting the pressure on the people for income or money. The Govt. should concentrate on bringing out all the money that corrupt people have earned, especially the politicians. It is a public secret that, there are thousands of crores in the foreign banks, all corrupt money. But the Govt. is not at all bothered to take action against them; if at all there is a necessity of reforms and strict decisions to be taken it is in this place. If Govt. is serious about the income it should take immediate action to bring all the money that is there in the foreign banks, earned by corrupt people in India, and use it for the benefit of the public.

In such a case the Govt. will also have sufficient funds to take care of the needs of the public, and there will be no necessity to impose any burden on the public, or to bring foreign funds or loan from World Bank.


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