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Oct 16, 2012

How to Avoid Asbestos Exposure in an Older Home

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By Brian Turner

Renovating an old house can be a recipe for disaster if that home contains asbestos. Older houses often contain this incredibly hazardous chemical that is known to cause cancer. Mesothelioma is the rare cancer that is caused by an exposure to asbestos. You can get this cancer by being around asbestos a lot and by also breathing it in while removing drywall and other things in an old house. Renovating an older home may simply not be safe if the walls and ceilings contain asbestos. You should definitely consider your options when dealing with this type of substance.

Your very first step is to make sure that asbestos truly is in your home. While many people don't put much emphasis in finding this out, it can be a great idea to hire a company to do an inspection for you. They will be able to inspect every area of the home to see if there is asbestos in any of the rooms. They will then give you their findings so that you can make the decision on how to remove the chemical. There are several options available to you when it comes to getting the asbestos out of your home.

One option is to remove the asbestos yourself. When dealing with this chemical, keep in mind that it can cause mesothelioma if it is breathed in. Because of this, you should evacuate your entire family out of the home while you are renovating it. You also want to use and wear as much protective equipment as possible. For instance, you should be wearing a mask specifically designed for asbestos prevention. You should also be wearing gloves, coveralls and a variety of other things to ensure that you are fully protected when working inside of the house.

If you are nervous about removing asbestos yourself or if you just do not know what you are doing, don't hesitate to have the professionals come in. There are multitudes of professional asbestos cleaning companies that will do an amazing job at cleaning the home of this chemical. You should compare different companies before hiring just one of them so that you save money in the long run while also hiring a company that is completely reputable. The company you hire will then be able to come into the home and begin clearing it of any asbestos that is lurking in the walls and ceilings.

Your home is just not safe if you are living with and around asbestos. This dangerous chemical can cause mesothelioma and other breathing problems later on in life if you are around it constantly. Hiring a professional company may be the only option available to you, but it will be worth the investment. You will then be able to create a comfortable home for your loved ones without having to worry that everyone is breathing in a substance that could cause them to develop cancer later on in their lives from living in the home.


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