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Oct 25, 2012

Principles of Mahatma Gandhi: are they Valid Today?

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Non-violence, Simplicity, Truth, Brahmacharya, Vegetarianism, and Faith. Principles of Gandhiji, do they fit in the world we are living today? Most of us would have no second thoughts, answering no. But there are people who are following these principles, even today. What is the difference between them who are following those principles and us who think that it is nearly impossible to practice these principles now a days? The difference is willingness to do so.

Well, we cannot deny the fact, that it is hard to resist temptations, in a world where everything is easily available, and can be find everywhere. But what is preventing us from following these principles is fear and temptation, if we can overcome these two things it is not a difficult task. We are living in a world, where there are more number of people believe that, it is difficult to practice these principles and these principles have no value in today’s life.

But, at the core of our hearts we cannot deny the fact that these are the principles that have withstood the test of the time. Gandhiji was also a normal person like us, he was also educated went to foreign to study there, was aware of the lifestyle there. But still he could manage to stick to his principles. When he could do that being a normal man, why can’t we do it? The temptations of money, name, fame, wine, women all these things were there even at that time.

But what made him, stick to his principles and turn himself into Mahatma. He has not only changed himself into Mahatma, but also was able to influence whole India by his character and behavior. And by seeing him, lot many could emulate him and walk on the path of truth. Even at that time there were people, Govt. that opposed these principles, but what happened to them? At last it is always the truth that wins, and truth has nothing to do with time and people. If it can work that day, it will also work this day, what makes these principles work and does not work is our faith in them.


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