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Oct 8, 2012

Private Educational Institutions: Good or Bad

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In today’s time, private education system is the most profitable business one can look forward to. The more the number of single digit ranks, your students score the more you will be sought after by the more aspiring students, to get highest grades and ranks. And naturally the more the demand the more the prices, and no matter how much prices you increase, those will always seem small than the bright future of the students. So, well runs the business.

This is the reality, private education system especially the corporate colleges have made the educational system not more than a high yielding business. But even after all this commercialization, if the students and parents prefer them there are definitely, some valid reasons. They provide you with the best professors or teachers. Give you the best possible tools for education, all the hi-tech ones. You will be having the guidance of the best in the educational field combined with years of experience.

Students, study in the most comfortable ambience. They have access to internet, library, cultural activities, sports what not? The more the money they charge the more the, activities. So, is this good or bad? There are also some educational institutions that give vague promises to the parents and students, collect money and yet do nothing that betters the student in any way. It is not bad to charge the students for the facilities you are providing, and it is not also bad to take a minimum profit margin, as this is a private set up and does not run on charity.

But anything in excess is always harmful and the basis for running an educational institution should be value based. They should think about the, students their future, in what way they can provide quality education to those students who are brilliant and have bright future if guide properly. The thought should be diverted from, profit making to educating. And if we are successful in giving quality education, to students with minimum or reasonable fees, then definitely private institutions will not be bad.


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