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Oct 19, 2012

Reduction in Defense Expenses: Needed?

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Defense Expenses
Defense is definitely the first priority of, any country, especially for a country like India. Where the threat is high from the neighboring countries. Only when the country is free and safe, can we think of any progress, and development. When there is threat to the safety of the people and the country, how can we think of development in any aspect? So, defense expenses should not be reduced, considering the safety and security of the people and the nation.

There is another aspect of this issue that is, it is true that we should not reduce, the expenses, but we should neither increase the expenses of the defense. There are other most important matters that are of high priority, in the country in the present circumstances. We are all aware of the increasing inflation, and its effect on common man. There are matters of internal peace that need to be attended to.

Threat from naxals, terrorists, what not there are lot many priority areas that need to be focused on. So, neither the increase nor the decrease in the defense expenses is good for the country and the people. When to increase, where to increase, when to decrease, where to decrease, are the matters that need to be decided based on the time and the situation. When there is need we should not look back, and similarly when there is no necessity to increase we should focus on the priorities.

We should not increase our defense expenses if some other country is increasing, neither should we decrease ours if some other country does so. We should take the decision spending on our own countries situation and our need, only then we will be able to make the right decision that will do good for the country and the people.


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