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Oct 15, 2012

Science is a Boon or Bane

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Today, the comfortable life we are all leading is because of science, right from the machined that we use at home appliances to the technology that runs satellites; everything is a miracle of science. All the appliances that we are using the technology that is helping us connect to the people of the world. Everything is a boon of science; we can hardly imagine life without science.

Science is definitely good and has done lot good to the humans. It has made our life comfortable and easy. Today we are able to find so many medicines, vaccines, and cure for so many diseases, it is because of science. Science has helped us to reach the moon and know the depths of the universe. In each and every area of our life science is playing known or unknown role. But yet most of the times useful role. It is because of science that we are able to detect the earth quakes, tsunamis and other natural calamities and are able to save the lives of many.

But, as with everything else, there have been some negative results of the science on us and on the society and nature as a whole. Because of the too much dependence on machines, and too much of usage of appliances at home and outside, there is a severe release of poisonous gases into the atmosphere, that is causing severe damage to the ozone layer, and indirectly to the life on the earth. On top of that the radiation that is caused because of waves because of signal towers (cell), T. V and other similar items is posing severe health problems to the humans, and is leading to new diseases, that are proving to deadly.

Science is used to manufacture nuclear bombs and deadly tools for destruction, it is becoming a deadly tool, in the hands of few, sick people. Using of chemicals either for fertilizers or for humans in the form of medicines is proving fatal. Too much of usage of chemicals is making land fertile and humans sick. So, is science boon or bane, is it the cause for better life or is it the root cause for all the present problems? Well, question is yet to be answered.


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