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Oct 30, 2012

Smaller iPad Mini or Bigger iPhone 5 -What You are Choosing

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Bedding all the rumors about Mini iPad 3, Apple launched its new smaller iPad, the iPad Mini on 23th October. With A5 processor and slick bedazzled design, iPad Mini is surely a strong contender before Google Nexus and Amazon Kindle Fire HD.

The iPad Mini is amazingly light, weighing around half of the 9.7 inch iPad and it’s much thinner than the original iPad. iPad Mini has a great aluminum back as in iPhone 5 and comes in both black and white. Where it lacks is the screen resolution which is not as good as iPad 3’s retinal display and quite same as iPad 2. The pixel density is 163 dpi which is almost same to the iPad 2, while the iPad 3 features a retinal display of 264 dpi. One of the eminent tech reviewers said that Apple has an innovative marketing style to feature its innovations and that’s what making its products more popular.

But approximately a month back Apple unveiled the bigger iPhone 5 at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco. With iPhone 5, Apple introduced some amazing features like improved Siri performance (Siri – the inbuilt voice assistant from Apple), new iOS6, double fast A6 Processor, wide retinal display and billion color pixilated views. Above all it is 15% thinner and much lighter (weighing around 3.95 ounces) than the previous version iPhones.

 iPhone 5 pre-orders are doubled as compared to iPhone 4S and already gained the necessary hype as expected by Apple. So now will iPhone 5 act as a speed breaker in the sale of iPad Mini and what the consumers will choose among these two.

As you start comparing the both, iPhone 5 does prove to be a winner with its double fast processor, retinal displays, bigger, thinner and light-weight structure. Here Apple does confuse its consumers choosing the right thing for them. One side you provide a bigger iPhone with improved features and faster performance; and on the other side you launch a smaller iPad with outdated features and poor processor speed.

We agree that iPad Mini is as much similar as an iPad, light-weight and easy to come in your palm. But it does lack speed, competitive display and much higher price than an iPhone 5. Starting with a price of $329 iPad Mini sounds less money-worthy as compared to an iPhone 5 starting at $199. iPad mini will beat other competitors like Amazon Kindle Fire or Google Nexus, but it may get attenuated before its siblings.

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P.S: Apple once claimed that its iPhone or iPad sizes are the actual standard size of a smartphone or tablet. But later on when products like Samsung Galaxy S, Amazon Kindle and Google Nexus gained popularity, Apple did realized that it has to change its standard size specifications. That is when the concept of iPhone 5 and iPad Mini are developed.


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