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Oct 9, 2012

Smart Phones: A Comparison

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Phablets, the phones with screen size of 5inches and above, are for those consumers, who may not want to spend on both, a phone as well as a tablet. Here is a comparison, of three brands of smart phones. Mercury magiQ, Micromax A 100, and I Ball Andi 5c.

When it comes to some features, all three are same in some aspects, such as, when it comes to touch screen, all three have 5 inch screens, Resolution, Mercury magiQ and I Ball Andi 5c, have same resolution, 800x480, whereas , Micromax A 100, has a Resolution of 854x480. All three have the same processor, 1 GHz, Same ram 512 MB, Memory again same 4 GB. All three have the same microSD up to 32GB, Camera also same, 5 MP, Autofocus and Flash.

All three have front camera with VGA, 3G, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. When it comes to the battery there is variation in all three, Mercury magiQ, 2200 mAh, Micromax A 100, 2000mAH, and I Ball Andi 5c, 2300mAH. There is again variation in all three, when it comes to Avg Battery, Micromax A 100, gives an average of around 18 Hrs, , Mercury magiQ , gives around, 12 Hrs, and I Ball Andi 5c, gives an average of 15 Hrs. All three have Dual-Sims GSM+GSM.

Coming to the price aspect, Mercury MagiQ is priced Rs.12,700/-, Micromax A 100, is priced, Rs. 9,999/-, and I Ball Andi 5c is priced, Rs.12,999/-. So, asses all three and make a smart choice.


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