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Oct 17, 2012

Subsidies on Diesel: Same Policy for Companies and Common Man

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Subsidies on Diesel
Every one knows about recent hike in the prices of petrol and diesel, and everyone is also aware of the power cuts. The facts that were shown in a news channel recently, were quiet astonishing. We all know the importance of cell towers and the role they play in our daily life. We are also aware of the fact that these cell towers, depend on electricity to function. There are innumerable numbers of cell towers of various companies spread all over the country. And power crisis are there in almost all places.

Then how are all these cell towers function, they are depending on generators, and generators on diesel. Think of the huge amount of diesel consumption by these generators, all over the country, in various places. The point here is, that the companies that are using diesel for the generators, are getting the diesel for the same subsidy rate as does a common man. The companies’ income will be in crores and they don’t lack funds to pay for the diesel but yet they are given diesel for the same price, as for a common man.

How far this is reasonable, Govt. is thrusting the entire burden on the common man, and saving money, of the big companies, by giving them subsidies. How reasonable and appropriate it is for the government, to do so. It is not at all good to apply the same policy everywhere and for everyone. Subsidies should be given to common man, a person living by driving auto rickshaw, is dependent on diesel, if you give him subsidy you will make his life easy. But what is the point in giving subsidy to the companies having crores of turnover.

The Govt. should definitely look into this matter and see that the common man is benefitted by the subsidies and not the rich.


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