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Oct 24, 2012

Teenagers Need: Parental Guidance or Freedom

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Today’s teenagers have more freedom, in each and every matter when compared to previous generations. In the personal matters, educational and professional, and parents have also become quite understanding in the matters of their teenage children. But what is this freedom giving them and where is it leading them? Is a question we have to ask ourselves?

Taking the opinion of the children in matters of choosing their profession and career is a good thing to do, but even in that matter when they need parental guidance we must do so. But what about matters that are personal, I think this is where most of the parents and teenagers have clash. And these are the matters where generations gaps come in. In previous generations, there was nothing personal.

But now we hear it too much, what is this personal space giving our children and where is it leading them? As there are two sides of every coin so is here, freedom is good and giving personal space is good but when is the question? This is an age where children think they know everything and they can be on their own, but this is the time when they need parental guidance and supervision more. Because, this is age where it is easy for them to get distracted, diverted, and get carried away by the glitters and fantasies of the world.

Being parents it is our duty to know when to give them choice and freedom and when not in what matters they need freedom and ion what matters they need choice? Some parents are too strict with their teenage children not leaving choice to them even in matters of food and clothes, this is not good. And some parents are too liberal with their children leaving all the choices to them and giving them all the freedom of the world, without guiding them and supervising them, this is not good also.

Freedom at proper place and proper time with a proper reason is what teenagers need. And this is what parents should give them they should give them freedom but, also guide them, correct them and supervise them. Only then freedom will have some meaning and fulfillment of the purpose.


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