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Oct 3, 2012

Universal Nuclear Disarmament is a Must

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Today’s world so many nations are facing problems of various kinds. In each nation there are problems to be solved, issues to addressed, and more reforms for betterment to be made. And in such a situation, even today there are many nations that are spending lots of money, on arms. This is really a sad situation, just because some nations are accumulating arms, and are making their armed forces stronger, the other nations in fear of them, and to make their own position stronger, they are also accumulating, arms.

This vicious cycle has no end, each one accumulating arms in fear of other. There are many severe problems in the world that need to be addressed. There are some nations where the people have no food to eat, there are some countries where education is not there, and health facilities are not there. Some countries population is ever increasing, and in some countries population is less.

If we start making a list of the problems that each country is facing, today it will be never ending. How much reasonable it is, in this situation, to spend money on arms? Not only this, today are many counties in the world facing, terrorist problems. There is only one solution for all these problems that is to universal disarmament. All the nations should come together, on one platform and should come to one conclusion that is universal disarmament.

This is the requirement of the time, if nations would do this, they can concentrate on the development aspects of their countries and how to make the life of their people better. Now many countries are wasting lot of man power and money power for arms, instead for people’s welfare. If universal disarmament is done each nation will use resources, for the progress of the country. And the world would become a better place and a peaceful place to live on.


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