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Oct 14, 2012

Villagers’ better Than Urbanites

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Some times, I really wonder, of what use is all the education, all the knowledge that we accumulate? Education should make us, humans, it should fill in values in us, human values, but now the scenario is opposite. The more educated the person is the more selfish his thinking is, the more sick his mind is becoming. We don’t bother about the person living next door, we don’t bother to help somebody on the street, we don’t react when the whole system is corrupt, we don’t bother to just react, in any way to any of these things.

Fear to react; fear to help the other person in need, fear, fear and fear. This has become omnipresent now. Instead of love and compassion for the fellow being, we have developed suspicious mind towards others. And we are not to be blamed for this because, the situation has become so. Whether it is night time or day time, we fear to keep our doors open; sometimes we are forced to suspect those whom we think we they are our own.

Where are all the humans gone, where is all the humanness gone? I think though not educated like us though, though they don’t have worldly knowledge like us villagers are better than urbanites in many matters. In villages if anything happens to any one the whole village is there for him, to help him and to support him. Anything happens in any ones house, let it be good or bad, the whole village is there for them.

If politicians don’t keep up their promises, they don’t allow them to step into their village, they show enough guts, to ask them for what they are accountable. They sit together, decide together, what to do to, vote for whom and if not. Unity and humanness, compassion for the fellow beings understanding and standing together for others, if these are the qualities that a lay man, uneducated man has. We better remain uneducated, and have some humanness left in us, instead of being educated and inhuman.


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