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Oct 20, 2012

Western Culture Adopted By India Fair or Not?

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Western Culture
We can see the drastic changes that the Indian culture and society has under gone, in the last few years. Its influence on the society it’s people, especially the younger generation has been huge. Let it be the effect of IT boom, wide expansion of corporate sector, globalization, and weekend culture, give it whatever name you want but its effects have been severe. Right from the dressing style to the language that we are speaking the accent everything has changed.

All for a genuine reason, to secure corporate jobs or to find jobs in foreign companies. If you have to work for the client of a particular country you need to have that kind of accent, attitude everything. Is this good or bad? Well, culture by itself is not wrong anywhere, or for that matter any countries culture. Each countries and people’s culture varies, depending on the circumstances and people of the country.

If a particular culture is followed by particular people of the country it suits them their needs and their life style. But when we as outsiders adapt that culture, we should know the limits. If you have to survive yourself in the globalized world secure job, live well there is nothing wrong in learning English, and knowing their culture so that you don’t face problems. But as with others anything in excess is definitely not good.

There is nothing harm in knowing western culture, but to forget our own culture, is bad, there is nothing wrong in learning English, but to forget our mother tongue, and to consider speaking in our mother tongue, as below dignity is not at all a good thing. There is no one who is forcing us to adapt western culture, we are free individuals, having the power to choose, we should know what to adapt and to which extent.


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