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Nov 4, 2012

Apple corrects ‘inaccurate’ Samsung infringement apology; and iPhone 5 not a big bash in India

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Apple is getting a hard time from its competitors in Asian and non-European countries except USA. Companies like Samsung do have great base as compared to Apple in Asian countries. Today we’re merging two news regarding Apple and we don’t think that either of them are good for Apple’s business. First one is Apple’s apology to Samsung regarding the product infringement and second one is iPhone 5 launch in India.

Apple vs Samsung

Apple’s apology

Apple published an apology on its deepest part of its website to Samsung regarding the product infringement which was ruled out by Court of Appeal of England and Wales. But it seemed like Apple didn’t make an apology rather made a statement that Samsung products are unworthy and ‘inaccurate’ as compared to iPad and iPhone. But after the orders from Court of Appeal of England and Wales, Apple has corrected the apology and removed the inaccurate statement made against Samsung products. The new statement is now looks more polite, with a font of Arial 11 and may be hardly acceptable by Apple. You can view the statement on Apple UK’s website front page with a link leading to the full statement.

The same statement was also published in form of adverts in UK newspapers in Saturday morning. To view the statement follow the link here http://www.apple.com/uk/legal-judgement/

iPhone 5 Launch in India

Nobody is talking about iPhone 5 except some tech news broadcasters in India even after the India launch of the new Apple smartphone. We all know how big are Apple’s marketing strategies are and how they gain much attraction from there launch events. But we’re unaware what happened to those strategies when it comes to iPhone 5. Airtel and Aircel have already featured the device in their products page (except there is no buy option in Aircel). Airtel has already released the tariff plans for the iPhone segment, but either of them is not promoting the device over internet or TV.

Apple India has also tied up with Redington, the supply chain management provider in India for the distribution of iPhone 5. But that too happen so quietly and no media attention was given to the event. Redington, which is the brand behind the brands, is also taking the promotions very slowly. Apple’s products are still performing poorly in Indian market as compared to Samsung, Nokia and other brands. In this situation we can’t predict what fate iPhone 5 has in India with Apple’s such quiet strategy. You can also read our review about Stand of Apple products in Indian market to know more about other Apple products. 


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