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Nov 13, 2012

Education vs. Literacy – What is more Important

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There is a vast difference between, education and literacy. Literacy is associated with learning a language, so that a person can carry on his day to day activities without depending on anyone else. If we make an illiterate person into a literate then he will be able to understand the language that is taught to him and will be able to communicate well. But education is a very broad aspect where you can educate people on various aspects such as social issues, spiritual, political issues and many others. Education means to share the knowledge with others regarding any particular subject. It may be anything and everything that is of beneficial to the other person or people.

So, it is not necessary that a person who is literate must be educated, because education knows no limits. The more you dive into it, the deeper it gets. We can hardly imagine a person’s life without literacy in this fast paced world. To be literate is very important in this information savvy world and it will not be a joke if we say that today’s world runs on advanced technology & on-the-go information. Literacy is very important because sustaining in this e-world without knowing the proper language or channel is hardly possible. But, we do see many people who are not literate enough but are their education level has no limit and they’re even an inspiration to human kind.

So, which do think is more important; to be literate or to be educated? What we think is that to be an educated illiterate is better than an uneducated literate. Take for example a person living in village is literate, but is not educated on the matters of the world. He will not be able to reap the benefits of any kind where as other person who is not literate but educated with knowledge about the social policies and benefits offered by the Government will be able to co-op with various situations and survive.

The essence is: A person who is literate and has education will be able to lead life at ease. But where as a person who is literate but has no education, will need to educate him to be a part of the social flow.


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