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Nov 30, 2012

Email Subscriptions – How often you read them?

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Email subscriptions are like daily or periodic email dosages of news, updates or reports of a product or service you use or interested for. If you’re internet savvy then you must have known about email subscriptions. Most of the sites on the web do have the options for email subscriptions as the people behind each site do want the people to get news about what happens at their site. Most of us do subscribe to feeds from various news sites, companies or organizations. But what really the question is: how many subscriptions we should go for and how often we read the subscription emails.
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Most of us have the habit to subscribe to news feeds if we find the site interesting. But where we lack is: to optimize the subscription. Optimizing in the sense is:
  • how often I check mails; 
  • how many sites I should subscribe for;
  • how often I should get mails (daily/weekly/monthly)
  • at what time of the day I should get the mail;
  • Or when is the time I’m mostly active on the web.
This seems a lot of tasks for a simple email subscription, but it’s actually easy if you’ll do it with one stroke while opting for subscription. Else when you sit back on a weekend to check your inbox, you’ll find a pile of subscribed emails from XXXX.com, YYYY.com or ZZZZ.com. Recently I was dictating my friend with an email and came to see more than 300 unread subscribed emails. Even when I joined Linkedin, I started joining many groups and subscribed to their group activities. But I never cared to optimize the email subscriptions. During those days I used to get 40-50 emails per day from Linkedin itself and apart from that I also get emails from other sites, summing around 100 plus emails per day. This makes difficult for us to check every subscribed mail and then we either go for unsubscribe or being lazy enough we left those mails unread.

It’s never an easy task to check each subscription email on a daily basis. Another disastrous thing happens when you subscribe to many feeds is that important mails from your friends, family or colleagues get lost in that mess. So what we think or we should suggest to our readers is to follow these steps before subscribing to feeds:
  • See what topics interests you most and choose wisely among them
  • Choose subscription options or plans as per your requirements
  • Subscribe to daily emails from maximum 2 to 3 sites and choose other sites for weekly or monthly updates
  • Use the email id where you’re mostly active
  • Don’t get blindly into groups
  • Find one best news site and subscribe to it for daily news
  • and never forget to check back your emails
As we’re discussing about emails, we’d also like to thank Ray Tomlinson, the inventor of email to help us reach mails into our pockets.


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