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Nov 14, 2012

Indian Anti Corruption Movement

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Now days we are witnessing lot of anti-corruption movements and anti corruption activists, coming forward for the betterment of the society and to change the present economic and social scenario. New channels are flooded with daily news on Anna Hazare movement and Arvind Kejariwal anti-corruption campaign. It is a good sign to start with. At least after so many years of deadly silence in a democratic country like ours, it is good that at least some one has taken the initiative to raise voice against corruption and to prove the fact to the citizens of this country that democracy is still alive.

But on the contrary, It would be unfair on our part to expect revolutionary changes to be brought in this short span. The corruption has taken deep roots in the country and it would be hardly impossible for any single person to wipe this out completely or to show stunning results with just few movements and few raised voices. It has to penetrate deep into the minds of the people and only then it will be possible to change this scenario which will make steps of progress. We really doubt how many people or the “Aam-Lok” area actually participating in these campaigns. We can not deny the people are bought for these campaigns and the sponsors of these campaigns never hesitate in spending money to increase the head-counts.

There were times when these kinds of movements helped to wake up people and give them a platform, where they stood up against the wrong and raised their voice against injustice. But now days these just seem like political hoax to blame each other and waste country’s resources more than they’re already wasted. Anna Hazare who has recently left the anti-corruption campaign as he came to know the corruption going on between the campaigners. Only one thing that sounds fruitful is that the leader gets a spotlight from such campaigns, but nothing happens to corruption or the people involved with it.

With more than half country’s population away from education, it’s really impossible to witness a corruption free country. Because education can make people aware about what’s going on around and to stand united. Anti-corruption movements will be going on like these and news channels will be keeping themselves busy round the clock.

On Children's Day, let this be an informational post for our kids who are going to hold the future.


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