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Nov 13, 2012

International Digital Tech: Tuesday Round-up

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Ultra-cheap Android Tablet Aakash 2 in India

UK company Datawind has launched the new cheapest Android tablet Aakash 2 in India. The tablet will be costing around Rs. 3,500 in the market although it will cost Rs. 2,263 to the Indian Ministry of Human Resource Development. With government subsidies Indian students can buy this new tablet at Rs. 1,130 and now considered to be the cheapest android tablet available. The tablet runs on Android Icecream Sandwich and contains 1GHz Cortex A8 processor, 512MB of RAM, 4GB of memory (expandable to 32GB) and a 7-inch display with 800×480 pixel resolution.
It’s an update to the previous low-specced tablet Aakash 1 which was launched last year. For more visit Mashable.com

Skype is now available for Windows Phone 8 [Official Preview]

Microsoft has rebuilt the Skype app and launched an official preview for Windows Phone 8. While the last Skype app was with too many glitches, this new Skype app is with some new features and stable performance. New features include Skype contacts, Incoming call notifications, Skype calls and chat messages while Skype icons circles in the menu. The app does seem to ease your Skype experience even there are some more performance improvement needed in this version of the app. Find more details at EnGadget.com

Disappearing Likes from Romney’s Facebook Page

After conceding defeat from Barack Obama, presidential runner Mitt Romney’s Facebook page is facing a hazardous reduce in “Likes”. Just three days after presidential election, more than 50,000 fans have un-liked Romney’s Facebook page which currently holds a like count of 12,042,000. You can check how fast the likes are reducing in a graph at the website Disappearing Romney .

What’s New in the Forth Generation iPad, iPad 4?

Well, there is not much new in iPad 4 as iPad Mini, the popular iPad has already stolen the thunder. Apple has added a new processor A6X to the iPad 4. Overall features are mostly same as iPad 3 but with improved performance speed. Well, there is Retina display, front camera of 1.2 MP and 720 p video recording, lightning connector and some other features which are already docked into the Apple board. To find more details you can check out the review at Mashable.com .


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