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Nov 28, 2012

Is Workplace Counseling Effective

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Counseling is a process of interviewing the person, being counseled and helping him solve his problems, through sharing and guidance. With reference to work place counseling is having an open discussion, in private, (in office or organization this place is usually a cabin, where there is privacy, for both persons to open up and talk). Counseling is held at various times as per the situation and the necessity. Sometimes it may be just to compliment the employee for his work or for his good gesture or behavior. Sometimes it is regarding the issues that are affecting the productivity/quality of work of the employee. At other times it may be needed in case if the behavior of the employee is not as per the rules and regulations of the company and needs corrective action on part of the company.

Counseling is a two way process where in both the people participate and communicate. Counseling gives the other person a scope to talk about himself and express his feelings so that, he has a clear understanding of the situation and the problem, and a solution can be designed. The counselor’s most important responsibility is to listen to the other person, and be a good listener first. Some organizations have a separate counselor who is qualified and experienced to handle employee issues. It depends on the company policy or the organizations policy, if they want to have a separate counselor or they want a team leader, supervisor, or manager to handle the issues. Or in extreme case or when necessity arises they may use the services of a professional external counselor.

So, counseling has a broad meaning and scope and plays a very important role in the growth of an organization. Counseling, if given properly, helps improve the productivity of the employees.


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