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Nov 3, 2012

Sify mystorage - A Fine Backup and Storage Solution for your Business

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Organizational data security is one of the main concerns of businesses around the world and to secure it every organization are ready to pay bulk amounts. There have been many big companies who are providing online storage and backup solutions to business infrastructures around the world. They’re doing great, but somehow they are non-affordable for small businesses in developing countries like India. So here we’re going to review about an Indian broadband internet service provider, Sify Technologies Limited and see how its service Sify mystorage can help your business.

Sify mystorage was launched in December 2011 and it’s meant to provide fine back up and smart storage solutions for both individual and businesses across the country. This service will keep your data (files, music, videos, etc.) safe in online servers which can be accessible from anywhere. Customers will not have to worry about their PC getting hacked, attacked by virus or file corruptions.

Now-a-days, one of the major concerns of businesses is the security of their organizational data. Sify mystorage solves it by promising in state-of-art data centers with 24/7/365 data monitoring, back up and security, fire detection and suppression systems, seismic (earthquake withstanding) safeguard systems to keep business data safe under highly encrypted algorithms to prevent hacking.
What’s special about Sify mystorage
  • Files are automatically backed up in online servers while you work.
  • Files are stored in highly encrypted format and impossible to hack
  • Smart memory management by backing up only modified documents
  • Easy access from anywhere and unlimited numbers of computers can back their data
Using Sify mystorage is very easy with three simple steps. Register, Subscribe and download the desktop app to get started. You can organize your folders as the way you do in your PC. Sify mystorage comes in various plans and also with a trial pack of 1 Month with memory of 2GB. Find the plans in the table below.

2 GB
1 Month
10 GB
6 Months
20 GB
6 Months
50 GB
6 Months
100 GB
6 Months

One of the interesting things about the trial pack is that you can try all the features of the service and if you like you can upgrade to paid versions. This is actually not offered by most of the storage and backup solution providers. From the above table you can plan which plan suits your business requirements and plan accordingly. Sify mystorage offers easy up-gradation of memory and validity support. You can track your usage details and validity status through the “my account” portal in Sify. You’ll be getting notifications about validity expiry and monthly usage reports, which you’ll help you in renewing the plan. Currently Sify mystorage supports Windows 7, 2000, XP (32 and 64 bit) and Vista (32 and 64 bit).

Companies like Amazon, Rackspace and Salesforce.com are some of the leaders in providing online back and storage solutions or in a broader view, the Cloud Services. Apart from them there are organizations that provide remote IT infrastructure management and data security. Although Sify mystorage is less of a competitor to such companies, but it is a good and easily affordable service for Indian people, companies and businesses.

To know more check out the Sify mystorage website here https://storage.sifyservices.com/


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