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Nov 4, 2012

Student Life: Choices

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final examinations
Peak examinations time and time to get prepared for the final examinations, only then a new picture of our favorite hero or heroine will be released. Another time you have cricket matches lined up, if not any of these you have elections coming up? All this only in the core time when you have final exams or you have campus interviews. What do you choose? Those who have plans for the future and are serious about it, forego the present happiness or temptations for the sake of better future, and those who give up and step ahead to enjoy today, will have to regret tomorrow.

Student period is such an important phase in life. But still in that period itself you have all the attractions, glitter and glamor of the world attracting you. It is only in this period that we have a chance of getting carried away with the unnecessary things, and lose our future. It is such a phase of life, when we think we have grown up and think we know everything, but it is the time when we need the loving hands of our parents guiding us on the right path. This time period or phase of life is very crucial in every person’s life, it is in this period that if a person of character is made, or a person loses one.

You can think of the future and plan and progress, by utilizing each and every second of it. Or you have a choice of getting lost in the oasis where everything you see, may not be real. So, what you do with yourself during this period. How you shape up yourself and your character, in this period determines your future. So, student period, my friend, is a time when you need to handle yourself very carefully, you should know where to go and where not, whom to associate with and with whom not, where to get carried away and where not. Take these precautions, and see what the future has in store for you.


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