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Nov 18, 2012

The Best Ways to Relax during Working Hours

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Most of us believe that the best way to get out of the stressful routine and come back to normal relaxed state is a week-through vacation. Though it is also true to a great extent, but stress is a daily matter or concern, at least in the existing times, whether it is personal life or professional. Stress has become an unavoidable factor and to come out of the day-to-day existing stress, which is the better way? Yearly once vacation for a week or to look out for alternatives ways through which we can relax us on a daily basis.

It will be always better to look for alternatives for relaxation on a daily basis. Because every time you are stressed it is not possible to go for a vacation. There are several ways of relaxation depending upon people types, geographical area, working environment, people or assets around you and many others. Some people prefer listening to music; some opt to dance; or exercise. Well it all depends on the person as to find his own personal relaxation source. But there are times when you feel burnt out of energy and no more in a way to concentrate on work. Especially in today’s time, whether it’s corporate job or otherwise, working hours are extremely long and people get squeezed into their desks.

So the best ways we think to relax during working hours are:
  • Take a break for ten minutes every hour.
  • Sit down with closed eyes and concentrate on breathing for a period of ten minutes
  • You can go for small walk in the office which loosens your mind and body pressure.
  • Talk to someone who can make you laugh or with whom you open up
  • Take a sip lemon soda drink with colleagues and get energized 
  • Play something you find cool like a Puzzle, board game or even cycle a bit. 
      Caution: You may want to avoid computer games if you were on a desk job or computer job,  though some people also find these games relaxing

And the greatest advantage of doing these is, at the end of the day you don’t come out totally burnt out of physical and psychological energies and you can take charge of your personal life.

Live Healthy and Live Long!!

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