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Nov 11, 2012

This Week in Business Skills - Desire

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We see so many people in the world, some successful in any field they undertake and some though blessed with all the resources stay where they are. Reason? Well, there are so many reasons, but the fundamental factor that determines any person’s success is desire; a burning desire that drives him towards his goal and makes him run after success until he achieves it.

Most of the success stories we hear of people in various fields have proved the same. It is the desire within the person that makes him work for his success. If we look at the life of the successful people in any field starting from spirituality to business, the desire & strive to success attitude within them, is what helped them to reach their goals. Most of the successful people in various fields never had the resources or the support that could lead them to the path of success. But still they always achieved what they wanted.

In fact most of the people have come from very ordinary background and reached heights in their fields & became exemplary for others. Take for example: two employees working in the same company; both given same training, equally competent and intelligence. But one of them progresses fast, achieves results, and the other one doesn't  The reason is desire. In fact most of the successful people in various fields were neither well educated nor were extraordinary. But what made them set standards is the same factor, the burning desire to be successful.

Given all the resources in hand, it still requires desire to fulfill what you really want. But if someone lacks desire to be successful or to achieve what they want, no one and even he can not help himself progress. On the contrary, a person with strive to success attitude and strong desire can be successful in life or can achieve his goals though he may not have any support or resources. He will make it to the top. So desire to achieve or desire to be successful is the secret salt for the success recipe. 


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