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Nov 7, 2012

This Week in Business Skills – Negotiation

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In life right from childhood, all of us face this situation, where in, we have to negotiate with others. As a child, as a student, as an employee, as an entrepreneur and be it any phase of life or any stage of life, negotiation is a must. Different people have different necessities, e.g. statesmen negotiate on complex international issues; and trade unions negotiate for their rights.  Moreover in the business field it is the base on which the whole business runs. You have to negotiate with clients, employees and with everyone. 

The situation of negotiating arises when there is conflict of interests between the two parties. It is a situation where it doesn’t matter what one person want and we should look into what is a preferable solution for both persons and parties. When thinking of negotiation, one should always develop a positive attitude and should look for the areas where you can agree with the other person or the other party. 

Before going for any kind of negotiation it is always preferable to study the situation from both sides. You need to gather all the required information and then proceed for negotiation. But the best thing to do is, to assess how good you are at the negotiating skills before you even think of going for negotiation. This helps you to know the points you are good at and helps you know your weak areas where you can make changes for improvement. 

In personal life also, day in and day out, you face so many situations where you have to negotiate with your family members and friends.  If you check your skills when you are interacting in personal life, you can come to a conclusion as to how good you are at negotiating. Then you can correct in the areas where you need to improve and apply the same in professional life also. This is the best way you can improve your negotiating skills.

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