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Nov 22, 2012

Today’s Actions determine Tomorrow

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Today, in this moment what you are experiencing in life is the result of your past thoughts and actions. And what you do and think right now will determine your tomorrow. Knowingly and unknowingly we have so many thoughts throughout a day and intentionally or unintentionally we do so many things that become habit and determine our future. So, in every moment we have to be careful about what we are thinking or doing and how this is going to shape our tomorrow.

Every thought that we hold and every action that we do, leave impressions on our mind. When we repeat them over time, our mind and body gets habituated to them and thus we form habits. If for example a student wants to see himself as a topper, he has to form habits and do things that allow him to achieve this dream. He has to stick to a routine, lead a disciplined life and resist himself from temptations. There are so many things that determine his success and lead him to his goal, unless-until he takes that particular path from the beginning else he cannot achieve his goal.

What path of action he undertakes today will determine what result he will have tomorrow. The same holds true for every one of us. We have so many ambitions and dreams in life and we do want to achieve them. But are we disciplining our life in the way which will help us achieve our goals? You can take the example of Technology Innovator Steve Jobs. It’s said that he thought of creating smartphones, virtual maps and streets before even starting Apple. He dedicated himself to the technology world so deeply that Apple is now among the biggest smartphone innovators in the world. If you want to reach a destination you have to take a particular route to reach the airport and then you have to board the particular flight to reach where you want to go. Right from the house, each and every step you take will determine where you will go.

Goals and dreams are the same, every step you take, every action you do, every thought you hold, will either take you closer to your dreams or away from them. So, every action matters and every thought counts. Make your today, a pathway to future and you are sure to reach your goals.


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