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Nov 19, 2012

Top 15 tips to do great in life [Part 1]

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Life is great and we should live it to the fullest doing great things. We’ve composed around 15 tips on how to do great in life and we’ve divided the whole post into three.

Contemplate on thoughts and choices: Thought process has no end and we have so many thoughts through-out the day. Every time we have a thought it is not possible for us to check them and to correct them, instead we can put our efforts to think positive and to make positive choices in life. Positive choices are the ones that help us to become better and help us keep our calm and do well to ourselves and others as well.

Look for sources of motivation: Each person gets inspired by different thing, for someone it’s money, for someone it may be a person, memories, name or fame. It differs from person to person. So you need to find out what is it that drives you towards success and achievement. Every day make sure that you are connected with your motivational factor. The more you are connected with your M-factor, the better you will perform.

Do what you have to, to get what you want: The common mistake that most people make is, they do ordinary things and expect extraordinary results from life. This is a very common behavior. So if you expect great from life then you need to think great and do great. When you are doing the job of a sales person and you dream of becoming CEO, it’s actually great. But you need to work for it and need to develop the mindset like that of a CEO and you need to increase your capabilities to that level.

Master Time: When you have control over the time you are spending, you have control over activities and when you have control over your activities then you have control over your life. So mastering time is a key factor that determines the life of a person. One should know where to spend time and to what extent and if someone knows this then he is sure to handle his life the better way.

Attitude and situations in life: Always let your attitude determine the life’s situations and never allow the situation to take charge of your attitude. Hardly there will be times in someone’s life, when he feels happy about the situation and when everything is in his favor. So instead if we correct our attitude towards the situations we will be able to lead a peaceful life.

“A man who dares to waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life” - Charles Darwin

Watch out for the second part of Top 10 tips to do great in life in tomorrow’s edition.

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