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Nov 24, 2012

What is Discipline and why we need it

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The common misconception about discipline is that it is only applied for defense personnel or students. What we need to know is that discipline is not something we need to be afraid of. Discipline is what we all follow knowingly or unknowingly, to achieve what we want to achieve. An athlete follows a routine doe’s exercise; takes qualitative diet; leads a disciplined life style which helps him to achieve his goal and that’s what discipline is. Discipline is the pathway to our dreams and goals.

When we walk on the road we need to walk on the footpath to avoid accidents and for our safety. When driving we are supposed to wear helmet and that is again an example of discipline for our own safety. Discipline allows us to be safe and makes sure the right thing is achieved in the right way. Discipline is a part & parcel of life and as earlier as we understand this fact, the life will be much easier. We all need discipline in every stage of our life and every aspect of our lives. If we want to be healthy, we need to have disciplined food habits and lifestyle. If we want to be financially well, we need to be disciplined financially by planning budgeting, personal finance and other money issues accordingly.

There will not be one area of our life where there is no need for us to be disciplined. Discipline is a path we intentionally or non-intentionally choose, so that we can reach our destination, our goals and dreams in life. It allows us to have control over our life, situations, consequences and even happiness. It is a precaution we need to take so that our life goes in a smooth and safe way. So when we make discipline a part of our lives, we make life better and easy to live.


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