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Dec 31, 2012

Biggest Shames for India in 2012

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Year 2012 is not likely a “year to be proud of” as some of the incidents have made India’s head down in the international platform. Rapes, molestation, controversies and scams were ruling over this soon-to-be-ending year. One should not keep his heads up while saying India’s 2012 moments as these incidents will certainly make India’s name to the top in the Hall of Shame. Let’s have a look on what are biggest shames for India in 2012 –

23 year girl gang-raped in Delhi and died in a Singapore hospital

One of the biggest shame for India and here we’re not just blaming the Government. Because it was our (people’s) fault and we should accept that, because of us a girl been gang raped & at last lost her breath while fighting for her life. Protests are still on the rise with fire burning all around the country. But there are still some unanswered questions which neither the government nor people care about. Instead of a solution, the situation is just getting worse. After this incident more than 25 rapes have been reported around the country. We let people to think why this is happening.

17-year girl molested in public 

A 17-year girl was groped, molested and beaten up harshly in public in Guwahati, Assam. The girl was returning from her friend’s birthday party while a group of nearly 10 young guys molested him. Apart from that one cameraman had shoot the whole 20 minute scene for broadcast instead of helping the victim. Who’s to blame for this?

Ministers watching pornographic content in Assembly

Two of prominent ministers of Karnataka government were watching pornographic content during assembly session. While both of them had defended themselves, but as per the video filmed by local channel they’re watching the videos. Afterwards both the ministers resigned from their posts.

PM Manmohan Singh, the Underachiever: TIME

Top US magazine Time cited Indian Prime Minister as Underachiever in his role to liberalize Indian economy. Dr. Manmohan Singh was featured on the cover page of the magazine with the title running across which reads “The Underachiever - India needs a reboot.”

Rumored messages forcing people of Northeast states to leave Bangalore and other cities

Around third week of August, warning messages were circulated about an attack on people of north east states residing in Bangalore and other cities. These rumored messages are due to the riots between Bodos (early settlers in Assam) and Muslims in Assam in July 2012. These riots lead to death of 77 and more than 4 lakh people being homeless in Assam. The impact of riots was worse when north East Indian people were continuously attacked by Muslims in biggest cities like Pune and Mumbai. More than 30,000 north east Indians have fled Bangalore after the messages. But at last an assurance of no danger was given by Jumma Masjid Trust Board to all north east Indians.

Manipur strike affects normal life

Manipur strike affected the lives of Imphal residents, when social organizations called for a strike against the kidnap of a businessman, suspected to be done by Naga militants. Offices attendance were nil with suspended transportation services.

Rohtak shelter abuse scandal
‘Apna Ghar’ the shelter home for children in Haryana, India was alleged with sexual abuse cases. As per reports, children were sexually abused, forced into pornography and abortion. Several alleged person related to the shelter home are undergoing trial for these inhuman activities.

Coalgate scam

One of the biggest scams after 2G spectrum, Caolgate scam where Comptroller and Auditor General of India (CAG) office accused the Government of India of poor allocation of coal blocks during 2004-2009.

Honour killing took one more life

Abdul Hakim (29) was shot dead as he married to Mehvish, both of different castes. As per the reports, their village Khap Panchayat is suspected to be involved in the case. The incident happened after Abdul Hakim opposed the Khap Panchayat in the honor killing episode of Amir Khan’s show Satyamev Jayate. With Amir Khan, the whole country has reacted to the incident and demanded strong actions against the culprits.

IOC bans Indian Olympic Association

International Olympic Association banned IOC from Olympic events due to which no athlete can participate in Olympics events under Indian flag. IOC had said, “"This is because this is part of a full problem. The election process has been tarnished since the origin. Many different interferences, many governmental rules and their own bad interpretation of IOA statutes.”

Gold medalist athlete Pinki Pramanik gender accusations

Indian Gold medalist athlete Pinki Pramanik was accused of being male when a video of her physiotherapy test at private nursing home went viral online. But the athlete had always defended herself during the case and also accuses of being manhandled during jail.

Other than the above there are a lot of scams like mining, irrigation, NRHM, Uttar Pradesh scams and Gujarat PSU scams. 2012 is certainly not a year to forget but to learn for the people. People should know what they’re doing before they choose leaders, protest and even while giving one paisa. It’s we who can bring the change, not a single leader or a party.

We think these are the biggest shames for India in 2012 and if you think we left out something then you can contact us or you can put your thoughts in the comment section. Wishing you a prosperous new year with a promise to learn from our past.


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