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Dec 3, 2012

Body Language or Non-verbal Communication during Interviews

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"It's not what you say, it's how you say it," is a very apt saying that holds true in case of job inter views. What majority of the people appearing for the interviews do is. They prepare technically, and focus on the subject. Know the details of the company; update yourself of its recent news if any. Prepare yourself for the common interview questions. Plan what kind of clothes you will wear for the interview. But the important point to be noted here is that, the person who takes the interview not only tests your capabilities and skills, professionally, but is also concerned with the way you carry yourself and your body language.

There are some dos' and don’ts to be followed during the interview. Especially concerning the body language, let’s have a look at them.

  • Give a firm shake hand, confidently and make sure you make eye contact with the person. 
  • Even if you are on a phone interview make sure that you stand up and smile, as this increases your alertness and allows you to engage in the conversation. 
  • Sit up straight, and lean slightly forward in your chair. Show interest in interaction. Align your body’s position to that of interviewers, this shows agreement and admiration. 
  • Make positive gestures and nod according to the need but, in moderation. 
  • Make sure that, there is a minimum of 20 inches gap between you and the person taking interview. If you maintain this gap, you will not enter into the person space of the person taking the interview and keep his comfort levels. 
  • Use a minimum of deodorants, or performs. As far as possible use very mild ones and limit it to small doses, as there are some people, who are allergenic to these, and who knows your interviewer is one of them. 
  • If there is more than one person, or a group of three or four persons taking the interview, make sure you maintain eye contact with everyone get back to the person who asked you the question. 
  • If there are any interruptions, or if some is talking to the interviewer, refrain from staring at your interviewer, and if necessary show your willingness to leave if they need privacy.
  • Rub the back of your head or neck, as these gestures indicate that you are disinterested. 
  • Touch or rub your nose, as this shows that you are not completely honest. 
  • Sit with your arms folded across your chest; this will appear unfriendly and disengaged. 
  • Cross your legs, and shake them, as it is distracting and shows that you are feeling uncomfortable. 
  • Lean your body towards the door.
  • Slouch back in your seat, as this will make your appear unprepared and not interested. 
  • Stare blankly.
A Goodbye With Grace

Unless you are sure and you are given permission to leave the interview room, don’t be in a hurry to leave the interview room. When you are leaving the interview room, make sure that you shake hands with the interviewer(s) with eye contact and with a firm smile. Make sure that your goodbye handshake is also confident.

Carry yourself in a dignified manner and behave properly, even after coming out of interview room. When you have come out of the building and are at a distance from the area, you can be at ease.


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