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Dec 8, 2012

Google Plus announces new features and keeps Growing

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Yesterday Google announced some new features for its Facebook or Twitter competing social media platform Google Plus(+). When launched as a competitor, critics did doubt whether Google+ can compete as a social media tool in the Facebook dominated web. When Google introduced Google Plus, Facebook was spreading into blogs, communities, apps, logins and many other integration services. But as per reports until yesterday, Google+ does look to compete other social media giants with its active 135 million monthly active users and more than 100 million mobile app users.

New Features in Google Plus

Google+ Communities

More similar to the Facebook groups, Google Plus communities are more of like social sharing space for people with common interests where they can share posts, photos and ideas. It also enables the community users to chat publicly or privately. As vice president Horowitz says: "The new tools make it easier and more straightforward for you to find your tribe, your peeps, and to hang out,".


Now you can say this is a competitor feature as compared to Facebook's Instagram. After Instagram get acquired by Facebook, Instagram users are more in Facebook. Similar way, Google Plus acquired the company behind Snapseed. Snapseed has similar features like Instagram where users can add filters to the images taken by their Google's Android operating system devices. Both iOS and Android versions of Snapseed are free to download and users can share their photos on communities too.

As Google's vice president Brad Horowitz states, more than 235 million weber(web user)s use Google+ services across various sites. This number was close to 150 million in late June and the users were staying close to 12 minutes in Google+ site. With these newly added features Google does expect more users for Google Plus.


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