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Dec 30, 2012

Health Tips: Soft Drinks and Dangers

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Soft drinks
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Any party or any get together and any lighter moments we share with our loved ones is not complete without soft drinks. Carbonated soft drinks are not only consumed by young people, but they are consumed by people belonging to all ages.

Soft drinks have become a part and parcel of our life style. We take soft drinks because we like them, or just to keep ourselves occupied in parties / get together and other social gatherings.

To state the truth consuming soft drinks is not at all safe or good for health. Studies have shown that people who consume soft drinks are more likely to suffer from broken bones. When compared to those who do not take soft drinks.

Soft drinks have a very bad effect on the teeth; they eat away the enamel of the teeth and intensify the process of tooth decay. Children who consume more soft drinks will have more cavities and as a result tooth decay, when compared to those who do not take soft drinks.

The Caffeine that is present in soft drinks causes high B. P, insomnia, and irregular heartbeats. The fact is that Cool drinks that contain caffeine do not quench thirst, so, the last thing you should opt for when thirsty is, soft drinks.

Time and again many researches have shown the ill effects, that soft drinks have, on human body, and have warned people to stay away from them. Many people make the mistake of thinking that, just because these soft drinks are sold legally, they are safe.

But for those who dig into the truths, and facts about, the ill effects of consuming soft drinks, know that just because these things are legal doesn’t mean that they are safe and good for health.

As an individual it is our responsibility to take care of our own health and to take care of our loved ones and children’s health. So, those of you who really love your own self and your loved ones, never allow these things to ruin the health.


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