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Dec 21, 2012

How Cloud Computing can help your Business?

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Cloud Computing is not new concept anymore and now became one of the biggest IT trends followed by maximum number of businesses. It has been a beneficial investment for both largest and smallest players in Business. If you’re naïve about cloud computing, then here is a heads up:

“Cloud computing is a tool in the hands of organizations to share critical computing infrastructure, information or services over a secured internet space.” Now how this can be beneficial for your business. So let’s take a look:

Improves Communication
Cloud computing has made the communication process faster and cheaper. Now you can use VOIP technology for calls and don’t have to waste much money on long STD calls. Video conferencing can be easier enough with a phone or tab in hand. You don’t need to sit before a camera, desktop or go to your office conference room and you can attend meetings from your home. Cloud computing can easily handle the notifications and inform others what you do on the server or cloud. Email and instant messaging has never been so easy, as you can type a message on your phone and tap it away to your colleagues or clients.

Lowers Infrastructure Costs
With cloud computing in use, your organization doesn’t need big servers to handle the data. Small businesses or startups have less ability to incur costs on high valued databases or servers and also on experts for handling them. No need to purchase licenses, expensive equipment or IT support for your organization, as cloud is an assembly of all these. Now even many cloud management service providers are coming forward to provide the best cloud hosting and management services as per your business requirements and at cheaper rates.

Improves Security with strong Backup
“Your information is safe on the web” is the first statement provided by each cloud service providers. If you’re not using cloud and still hung upon the traditional servers, then you know to have a fear of losing your data due to occupational hazards. Cloud computing keeps your data in multiple baskets, so that if one basket fails, your data is still intact in another one. It keeps multi-stage backup and encryption process to prevent hacking or lose of data.

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Access Remotely
You don’t need to be at your office desk all the time to complete a task. You can access cloud services from anywhere with phone, tab or notebook in hand. Want to talk with your client, then just login to your cloud app and start your meeting. Want to send a file to your colleague, then just upload it to cloud server through your phone and send a notification. This feature is one of the boost factors for most of the employees in both large and small industries, as they don’t have to stick to their chairs all the time.

Get rid of Hardware
No need to buy or maintain big hardware, as everything you need is on the web, fast accessible and safe. Most of the businesses have a concern of maintaining or upgrading their hardware, which most of the time divert them from their original focus. Well then cloud is your solution and we bet you can focus on your target more efficiently.

User Friendly
Cloud computing is just like using Twitter, although you need a bit of initial learning to do. Easy to install with lower learning curve. Upload, download, send-receive, share and analyze. It’s like Facebook which is the broadest yet simplest social networking service.


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