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Dec 24, 2012

Top 10 Site Redesigns of 2012

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Most of the popular sites have gone through website redesign as the New Year is approaching and we can say this is one of their strategies for each year. As you can see YouTube changes its site features and designs annually to bring more audience or subscribers. So let’s take a look which of the top sites has gone through a redesign in 2012 and among them which one looks worthy.

YouTube got a new look around two weeks back, keeping in mind to increase user subscriptions. The YouTube player is now showing a full frontal and centered view on the site containing the sharing, subscription, likes and comments underneath it. The ‘Guide’ feature is now more improved which will guide you through popular channels, popular videos, what’s your friends doing on YouTube and many more.


Same time around this December, the social media portal Mashable.com also unveiled its new look with a totally changed script and design. The site’s main focus is to make it more Social, Responsive and visually stunning. As more than 30% of its readers access the site from phones or tablets, it’s now more responsive to attract more viewership. The social sharing is much easier by knowing which stories are trending on the site.

Although most of the critics still doesn’t feel good about MySpace’s new look, but it does incorporated various functionalities in a good manner. Many say it copied the format of Pinterest, but with more stunning pictures and features. We say it’s good to see your personal pictures and statuses in a better-than-Facebook way and we say MySpace did the same.

The world’s biggest online shopping and auction portal eBay revamped its website around October second week. Ebay’s new website aims to provide a convenient way of browsing and buying. New search results, home page items, streamlined product views and details. Ebay also released an iTunes app called Ebay Now for easier shopping. Around one month back on September and more than after 15 years, eBay released its new logo.

USA Today
On its 30th anniversary the world’s second largest newspaper has unveiled a new look for its online counterpart with a new logo. The website now looks straight to the point keeping the news in front that matters. The home page is covered with trending stories, categorized story pictures and titles and streamlined videos. When you click on a story, it comes as a pop-up with trending stories streamlining in the back.

Amazon’s home page got a new makeover around August end and also released a finger-friendly site for tablets or phone. The homepage is cleaner with sign-in, account and add-to-cart features. The home page features more products with various categories, special offers and trending products. What we dislike is they have kept the product title and category fonts unchanged which are repeated in the details page too. The navigation links are not so catch too. But overall it’s a good makeover.

LinkedIn has gone through the biggest profile redesigning in October by adding lots of features and visual presentation of user profiles. Users have a big picture of themselves, with focused profile description, activities and background information. LinkedIn incorporated rich visual insights of people and companies in user networks. Recent activities, connection activities and skill endorsements are some of the features are visually improvised.

Twitter added new headers for each user profile to improve the profile visual. So if you’re active on Twitter, then you must have seen that now you can add a header image centered behind your profile image. You can check streamlined photos between posts or inside a post.

PayPal got slicker with its new customer oriented design. As per the people in PayPal says PayPal’s previous design is more of its products focused than customers. But this new look will be more user friendly with easy navigation and intuitive login process. The menus and labels on the site has been revamped to feature the special offerings from the site and an ‘explore’ link is placed where users can check for newest and exciting innovations from PayPal.

AOL Mail
Aol rolled out its new look which would be the biggest in last five years. In this new look user inbox will look much prettier with better user interface, chat integration and commercial ads on sidebar. AOL mail has now customized skins, fonts, mini apps to make user interface more easy and trending. AOL has also released its mail client ALTO Mail recently. AOL has been used by more than 24 million people around the world and with these new tweaks it’s ready to give competition to Gmail.

Some other Redesigns of 2012

Microsoft: Microsoft has a new logo after 25 year: After 25 years Microsoft has redesigned its logo which summed more slaps than claps as some say it’s been inspired from Google Chrome or not enough to be a logo made after 25 years. Whatever it may be Microsoft grows with its new products like Surface and Windows 8.

Google Search: If you’re searching a popular person, organization or incident over Google, then you’re welcome to see relevant information on the search results sidebar. In this sidebar, you’ll be provided with key information to your search with images and links.


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