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Dec 5, 2012

Top 5 Websites to watch the Doomsday Countdown

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As per the predictions of Mayan calendar, Earth and our civilization will meet its end on 21st December 2012 which is nearly 15 days more. That’s why we brought you some of the coolest Doomsday countdown timer websites where you can watch the ticking clock. Here you go:

This website is a fine resource about the Doomsday clock and books related to doomsday clock. The site was previously owned by TheBulletin.org and now runs independently without any endorsement from The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists. You can also have a look on the Minutes to Midnight graph on the website.

A simple timer website showing the remaining specifics to the doomsday happening. The website can be used as a home page if you want to see the clock ticking when you open your browser.

Satan’s Rapture 
This site is based on biblical information and publishes news on Jesus and the end of times. The site focuses on NASA news regarding End of Times and what was told about it by Jesus. The site also features previous doomsday dates when there were warnings about end of times and what happened then. It’s bit of geek atheist site and you’ll surely find valuable information.

Doomsday by Countdown Timer 
The site’s purpose is to design countdown time where doomsday clock is showcased digital timer to wait for the doomsday. You can download various types of customized timers from this site.

2012 Supplies 
You can find a horrifying clock on this site which actually serves survival supplies for the upcoming doomsday. The site also features various calendars, videos and survival books to get ready for the doomsday. You can find information regarding wormhole and stargates in 2012, science experiments, astrology and biblical interpretations on the site.

Additional sites

Developer Gabriel has developed this website on request of Arthur to watch for the doomsday with a message “Are We Ready”. The website features a calendar format timer where you can watch for every passing second. You can read Gabriel’s notes on the development and also download the clock.

The site focuses specifically on the Mayan calendar and the predictions of Nostradamus. Although the site doesn’t believe the theory of end of times on December 21, 2012, but it does accept that some changes in mankind awakening will happen.

The site features a clock on dooms day and also allows voting on whether doomsday will happen or not. It also features blog posts, pictures and polls on doomsday theories.


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