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Jan 23, 2013

College Students: Ways to Stay Fit and Well

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Student life was jolly life that was once upon a time. Now students have more burden than a one else, they have to study, do extracurricular activities, take part in social life, and guess what, and they don’t have time to take care of themselves.

This is where need arises for fitness and well being. Diet plays a very important role in maintaining a fit and healthy life style. The need to take proper nutritious and well balanced diet is even more for the students.

Make sure that your diet is in balance with your activity, keep track of what and how much you are eating. Instead of taking only one thing, try everything; eat seasonally available fruits as part of the diet.

In the rush to go to college or just to make up the lost time students usually skip breakfast, but it is not at all good for health. So, take a balanced breakfast.

Drink enough water, it will help you boost your concentration and keep you hydrated. It is very tempting to take a cup of coffee or soft drinks, but the damage they do to the overall health is very serious, so as far as possible take then once in a while, for a break.

If you are feeling active and energetic it’s ok with your diet otherwise don’t hesitate to take food supplements or multivitamins.

Sleep is very important to stay fit and active, mostly 7-9 hours of sleep is enough, and don’t take coffee before going to bed, eat the food at least two hours before you go to sleep. Make sure that your room is dark and quiet before you go to sleep.

When you share the class room with so many number of people it is easy to catch cold and viruses if you are not careful, so follow some simple things. Such as, washing your hands whenever you touch your nose, mouth or eyes, or whenever you have been around sick person, stop sharing beverages and drink lots of water.

Try and follow these simple things and stay fit and energetic.


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