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Jan 5, 2013

Development is Key to Win Elections?

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Psephologist might consider that anti-incumbency factor would work in the recent Gujarat election, but proved wrong. This lead to a new question, why the anti-incumbency factor fails in the states like Guarjat, Chattisgarh, where the Bharatiaya Janta Party formed government successfully.

The voters choice has been changed, now the voters believe the development, what was happened in Gujarat. Narenda Modi, the Chief Minister of Gujarat, has been known for the development he made there during his rule.

The Senior Congress leader, Prafulla Patel has reported praised the development work done by Narendra Modi, which was the major cause of the victory in Gujarat. And the statements from a Congress leader about Modi, defines the actual development issue in election.

Days are gone, when the Roti, Kapda Aur Makan (Food, Cloth, and House) were the primary elections issues in India. Voters might not be giving feedback about the work done by the MLA or MP in the respective constituencies but during the elections, there are sure to give their proper judgement keep that in their mind.

There were media reports about the poor quality of rice being distributed in Odisha, and the people might there also consider their right to vote to give their feedback in form a ballot. The current political scenario and election equations say that development and actual implementation of welfare schemes are may be methods to win elections.

No matters, which state or what culture were there in the entire country, but voters know only language of development of their respective areas, that is going to decide the fate of political candidates of 2014 elections.


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