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Jan 31, 2013

Effects of Music on Health

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Music can make us dance on our feet, it can make us wipe our tears, it can bring a smile on our face and even can make us happy.

In short music has the capability of invoking emotions in us, and when you listen to a song it has its effects on various parts of the brain. Scientific studies have proven that, music is capable of changing our mood and can help us concentrate.

Studies have even shown that, parts of the brain which are responsible for light and vision can respond to music. In fact various parts of the brain can be activated by music.

We listen to music just to give a boost to our mood when we are having tough time. Or we listen to music just to keep ourselves awake and active when we are driving.

Study has shown that, listening to your favorite piece of music can help you come out of bad mood, by releasing feel good chemical dopamine.

Music even helps us to concentrate, a new 'digital tonic' called Ubrain, which can be downloaded onto smart phones, claims of being able to, help people focus, energize, relax and even wake up.

You have to choose various kinds of music for various kinds of purposes, like you can listen to up-beat songs when exercising, or running.

When one wants to relax he can listen to slow paced music, this aspect is often linked to personal preference.

The effect of music on mood will largely depend on personal preference. For example if you are used to listening ‘rock’ listening to classical music may not help you to uplift your mood.

On the contrary a person used to listening to classical may find ‘rock’ irritating and it will not help him to turn his mood on to the positive side.

Music has a positive effect on patients suffering from mental illness and physical illness as well. Various studies have shown that music can help lower heart rate, blood pressure, and can even relieve pain.

Music is even capable of reducing long term illnesses such as heart disease, cancer, anxiety, respiratory problems and helps in improving the patient’s condition.

So, listen to music and keep your life rocking.


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