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Jan 24, 2013

Geniuses are Born or Made?

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Geniuses are Born or Made
There is a common myth among the people, that genius people are a separate set of people, and they are born genius. But the truth is that every one of us holds the same capability, as that of a genius, the only difference is that they explore and utilize their skill and talent and we don’t.

This fact has been proven by brain scientists, and they say that we have a same potential as that of a genius and we can bring it out by the way we use our brains.

The fact behind the statement that genius people are born is only that, we don’t want to leave our fears, put in that extra effort to change ourselves, to become what we want to.

If you take the example of great people such as Darwin and others they were not born genius. But they moulded their life and used the brain to achieve their dream in life.

All that we need to do is change our attitude, and make the right choices that will help us reach our goals. If you want to make a place in the geniuses all that you need to do is follow your instincts and your heart, instead of following what others say.

Others may tell you 101 things to do but you will love doing one thing, go for it and do it. If you take the life of all the great people these were the people who followed their instincts, believed the fact that they are capable of realizing their dreams, and then they lived for their dreams till they become a reality.

Leave no time for useless gossip, T. V and phone calls, instead put in your effort in the direction of your dream and work for it.

Try to achieve mastery in your work never compromise on the quality and always try to better yourself each and every second and every day, your work standard today should be better than yesterday.

Try to be the trend setter instead of a follower, to do this you need to be creative in your work, try to be innovative in what you do.Keep these simple things in mind, follow your instincts and your hearts voice and you are a genius.


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