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Jan 27, 2013

Health Benefits of Clapping

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It takes two hands to clap.
Jiang Zemin

Clapping is looked upon by people as something not very important. Even in places like meetings and gatherings of any occasion or situation, where there is a necessity to clap, people just don’t respond immediately, and show their appreciation in the form of clapping.

Most of the people think it is childish, and some feel shy. But there are numerous benefits of clapping.

When you clap heart fully, you are displaying your attitude, you show that you are happy for the other person, and you appreciate their work or achievement, or you state that you agree with them.

All this reveals one thing that you think positive, so when you clap you reveal your positive side. Clapping leads to the simulation of the receptors in the palms, and hence causes stimulation of the large areas of the brain; this activates the whole system and there by improves health.

If we look back into any culture or religion, clapping has been there in almost all of them. When you sing a devotional song, hymn, or prayer you clap.

This is there in almost all of the religions; this is enough for us to show the importance of clapping. Clapping even as a part of religious practice has its own health benefits. Clapping improves your immune system and stimulates the acupuncture points and there by leads to good health.

Scientists have proved that, small children that clap each day, have shown improvement in their cognitive abilities, could mix well with other people, their hand writing has been found neater and better, they have few spelling mistakes and were more hard working, in comparison to others. Apart from all this, clapping even sharpens the brain of the children.

So, always lookout for an opportunity to clap, play, sing, enjoy a movie or a match and clap, but never ever miss out on the opportunity, if you have one. And, if you have children at home, make sure they clap each day and reap the benefits. Informative article! Yes, then you have a reason to clap, go ahead.


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