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Jan 23, 2013

‘I Care I React’ - A Social Consciousness Initiative

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Director Sekhar Kammula
‘I Care I React’ A Social Consciousness Initiative By Director Sekhar Kammula

Hyderabadi techies gathered in front of an IT Complex in Cyberabad on 11th January, where Telugu film director Sekhar Kammula, along with actress Akkineni Amala, and Kamal Kamaraju launched the ‘I Care I React’ campaign (A badge that states ‘I Care I React’).

This is an initiative started by Sekhar Kammula that stands up, not to tolerate any form of injustice done to women.

Sekhar Kammula stated that. "We must start reacting at a personal level. Women's issues are always dismissed or brushed to the side and never given the importance that they deserve.

We must take a stand and I say this, especially for the men. We need to express our intolerance. I urge all of you to wear your badges (I Care I React) every time you see an injustice being done to women."

Sekhar has also stated that we need to keep alive the flame not just for Damini’s case, but for each and every rape case that we hear about every day.

He also said, ‘Display your protest by wearing the badge whenever you hear or read about crimes against women and keep saying "I don’t like it, when a discussion arises, we should not stop until there is change.

Change in attitude! Change in Laws! Change in the way our society treats women! Change, till there are no atrocities on women anymore!"

This campaign got huge response from various sections of the society and especially the working group and the students.

Many individuals, Colleges, Institutions and Organizations have come forward to take part in the initiative and many more are joining, playing their role as citizens.

Sekhar by this act has proved himself as a true leader, and a true citizen of this country, keeping aside all his name and fame as a director.

Hope, he will stand as a role model for many others, who will play their part, for the betterment of society.

For more details on this campaign you can log on to the following website: www.Indiareact.org


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