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Jan 28, 2013

Is anti-corruption movement in India slowed?

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People of the country, those joined anti-corruption moment against corruption have been waiting for a new movement to bring people together.

The movement in last year was a block buster in independent India, but with entering into 2013, the pace of the movement has been slowed down.

Is the active campaign on social media was the biggest reason to make it a successful one? Is launching a new party Aam Admi Party (AAP) by Arvind Kejriwal, diverted the movement towards another direction rather from its core concept of anti-corruption?

The fact can’t be denied that the Political party and the civil society are two different entities. But somewhere, the pace of the movement is lost, need of the hour is to unite the entire country to wage war against corruption.

In 2012, a layman used to talk about anti-corruption and used to support to voice to make India a corruption free society. But the enthusiasm has been cooled; need some motivation to boost it once again.

The much coverage on all medias - television, news channels, blogs, made it successful and also a it could be the another major reason for altering viewers preference over the movement.

People might not watch that much as they used to watch live about the anti-corruption movement last year.

In over the make the movement more successful, the team Anna should have active campaign on the social media and news channels that they used to have and keep the people in loop about the new things they are going to add in the campaign against corruption.


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